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Igor Khersonskyy

canvas, oil 70x90 cm, lights are burning, a plane is flying, 2013

canvas, oil 80x100 cm near the window, 2021

canvas, oil, 150x100 cm, morning, 2015

oil on canvas, 150x100 cm with a pointer star, 2015

canvas, oil 90x120 cm life with a morphinist 2022

canvas, oil 80x80 cm landscape 2021

canvas, oil 90x70cm at the beginning was the word 2021

hardboard oil 100x80 cm untitled 2020

canvas, oil 100x80 cm self-portrait with plate 2021

canvas, oil 100x80 abstinence syndrome cacti and succulents 2020

canvas, oil 120x90 cm Pope 2022

canvas, oil 120x90 cm self-portrait in the workshop 2021

canvas, oil 120x100 cm, 2021

hardboard oil 130x100cm self-portrait 2020


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