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"I constantly think about the question - what was happening before I was born? Where was I?

My works are attempts to answer these existential questions, which at least once in our lives

echoed in the middle of each of us. I am sure - it is in the act of contemplation that we can hear

the answer...

These moments are the main plot of many of my paintings, and their main task is to bring the

viewer to this state of Contemplation.

A picture is not just a transfer of the appearance of things, everything is much deeper, however,

in order to really create something interesting, we need to get rid of stereotypes and everything

that is imposed on us by public opinion. This is possible only if you dive into yourself and come

to a more sensual perception of the world.

My project - BLUE REINCARNATIONS, has many visual images of nature. It can bring us back

to Harmony and establish communication with the outside world.

The main concepts of my research are people, space and color."

Evhen Klymenko

“Black sea”. Acrylic on canvas, marker, spray, 140 х 200cm, 2023

“In the forest”. Acrylic on canvas, marker, 100 х 114cm, 2022

“Singing”. Acrylic on canvas, 70 х 50cm, 2023

“The rise of power”. Acrylic on canvas, pastel, marker, 200 х 120cm, 2023

“Speaking with flowers”. Acrylic on canvas, spay, 70 х 60cm, 2022

“Orange DNA”. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 115 х90cm, 2023

“In greens”. Acrylic on canvas, marker, 150 х 100cm, 2022

“Naked with the flower”. Oil on canvas, 140 х 100cm, 2023

“Green leaves”. Acrylic on canvas, 180 х 130cm, 2023

“Image”. Oil and acrylic on canvas, 104 х 146cm, 2023

“Three sister’s gymnastics”. Acrylic on canvas, pastel, marker, 180 х70cm, 2023

“The house”. Acrylic on canvas, marker, 106 х 95cm, 2022

“Flower girl”. Acrylic on canvas, 100 х 100cm, 2023

“Good news”. Acrylic on canvas, 135 х 105cm, 2023

“Blue reincarnations”. Acrylic on canvas, 195 х 195cm, 2023

“Near the aqueduct”. Acrylic on canvas, marker, 100 х 140cm, 2023


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