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Change of exposure

The exposition was changed in the Triptych Art Gallery.

The exhibition MAGICAL REALISM will running until September 1, where are presented German Migotin, Andrii Gurenko and Andrii Petkevych.


Magical realism is most often used in the sense of fantastic realism or surrealism or neo-surrealism as synonyms. Magical realism is realism in which elements of real and fantastic, everyday and mythical, real and imaginary, mysterious are organically combined.

Once upon a time, magical realism was characteristic primarily of Latin American culture, which reflected the beliefs and thinking of pre-Columbian Indian civilizations, such as the Aztecs, Maya, Chibcha, and Incas.

In the works that had Indian roots, which were written either by the Indians themselves or by Spanish writers, historians, priests, soldiers, there are all the components of the "wonderful reality".

Today it is a very popular destination around the world.

The main distinguishing feature of the works of magical realism is the careful, subtle, technical drawing of objects and scenes. This allows you to immerse the viewer in the image, to believe in the truth of what is happening.


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