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Emmanuel Gatti

 Exhibition of engravings in the Ouessant Island Book Fair. - Integration and collaboration with the gallery Hus / Tristan Cormier / Paris18é arrondissement. - Engraved video scenography of the play "Secret dans l'île" by Louis Ferdinand Céline. - Directed by the Arts traversés collective. Summer 2013 tour. - Creation of the Print Lab: Educational and support proposal for an artistic project. - --- Intervention in museums and school structures. - (Museum of the great war of Meaux, residence of three months within the college Sonia Delaunay Paris 19th.)
He studied art history and anthropology at the University of Bordeaux (France).

He studied engraving (intaglio printing) with engraver Nicolas Sochos (Paris).

He practices gravure printing in the context of technical research and scenographic innovations - large formats of open etching on the surface of the aquatint, which allows you to deeply and textually display visualizations that illustrate the geological universe.

He started his exhibition activity in 1994.

Selected exhibitions and projects:

FRAGILE MEMORIES. Together with Olesya Dzhurayeva, Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine;

St Charles de Rose, Paris;

Galerie 59, Paris;

Galerie de l’Aiguillage, Paris;

Mémoire de l’Avenir Gallery, Paris;

Papel Art Gallery;

Arts and Craft Gallery / Vincent Tiercin, Paris;

Guido Romero Pierini Gallery, Paris;

La Réserve Reims Gallery;

No to the Contemporary House;

Castle of Gif sur Yvette;

Gallery Label Friche Nogent le Rotrou, JAS Langoiran at the invitation of curator Ch.Cadu Narquet;

Château de Joris Van Grinsven, Dordogne;

Abbey of Saint-Avit Sénieur, Dordogne;

Gallery 66, Perigueux;

Le Cent, Paris.

In the Netherlands: Artvark Amsterdam (12-month collaboration on a number of art events).


Residence workshop, Museum of the Great War of Meaux, 2014.


Encouragement Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts section engraving, 2020.

Lives and works in Paris.


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