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Oleksandr Liapin

"FOR MADMEN ONLY" is a phrase written by Hermann Hesse. He believed that it is thought-provoking and can be interpreted in many ways. Entrance only for the Crazy is an invitation to some new free world. Although it may be a labyrinth from which there is no way out, if you wish to return to where you came from. Perhaps it is we who experience the transformative power of Madness to experience it in personal enlightenment and development, and its role in fostering empathy and compassion for others. In addition, we will cross barriers that prevent the understanding of phenomena, such as prejudices, rules, laws, habits, communicative misunderstandings. The image of a Hare with crocodile teeth or a Cat with a human facial expression can and will brighten someone's day... And it can lead to the discovery that, they say, it is not a Hare or a Cat. This is another essence and power, this is the light at the end of the Labyrinth. FOR MADMEN ONLY is a powerful painting tool that will allow you to discover new opportunities in life, better orientation in the world around you. For example, understanding strange figurative language can allow us to communicate with humanoids from different galactic civilizations, and expand the capabilities of our subconscious. In this case, find a way out of the Labyrinth dictated by fate. Finally, playing with complex and abstract concepts can also be an entrance to that Cosmos where only the Crazy enter. And there is one step to the Beast called Genius. It can seep into the brain of anyone who accepts an invitation to enter where it says "Entrance only for lunatics". And in fact, everything is quite simple - there are only one, or maybe 2 percent of the crazy people in the world.

Also, WELCOME to FOR MADMEN ONLY by Oleksandr Liapin.

“Choir”, author’s technique, 151 х 107сm, 2023

“I’m afraid of the aliens”, author’s technique, 151 х 107сm, 2023

«Nastya», author’s technique, 80 х 80сm, 2009

“These are not rabbits”, author’s technique, 152 х 167сm, 2023

“A dog on the Dnipro”, author’s technique, 80 х 80сm, 2010

“For birthday”, author’s technique, 250 х 150сm, 2023

“Cats and mice”, author’s technique, 151 х 100сm, 2023

“Adam and Eve”, author’s technique, 215 х 149сm, 2023

“Horse”, author’s technique, 174 х 167сm, 2023

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