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Kuzyura Olha

She was born in 1990 in the city of Mostyska (Ukraine).

In 20013 she graduated from the National Forestry University of Ukraine in Lviv (specialty - "design").

In 2013-2016 she studied at the Lviv National Academy of Arts (Department of History and Theory of Arts, graduate student).

Since 2017, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Main exhibitions and projects:

2018 - As part of the international art festival program

KYIV ART WEEK 2018. Storage Chambers Project (together with Petro Smetana's Soot Project), ART Triptych Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2018 - "Lost Presence" (graphics, objects), DZYGA Art Center, Lviv, Ukraine.

2017 - "Lost Presence" (graphics, objects), "Art Arsenal", Kyiv, Ukraine.

2017 - "Shadow / Body" (painting), LNAM Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.

2016 - "Man-made body" (experimental graphics, installation), gallery "PRODUCTS", Lviv, Ukraine.


We invite you to view the author's works in the COLLECTION gallery



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