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18.02.2023 – 08.03.2023

Iurii Denysenkov

The MEMORY ERROR project is a continuation of work on the family archive and artifacts related to my history.

If in previous projects the attention was focused on people close to me and on personal memories, this project focuses around images that are not intimate and close....

These are photos that have lost their informativeness and relevance, leaving behind only a aftertaste of history and emotion.

The sensations that make me look at these images and the imprint of my present state create a new image - surreal and false.

Everyday scenes are complemented by various alien elements that seem to accidentally appear in the picture and completely change the meaning of the image, forming a new alternative reality and the veracity of the moment.

The original image that I'm working with is black and white. Color in paintings is an important component of the emotional state. The multilayered colors create an obstacle to viewing, preventing you from fully discerning what is happening in the picture. Thereby increasing the distance between the viewer and the image, between reality and non-being.

This project is about doubts, about the false feeling of phantom happiness.

«Light is will be» 70х60, c.о. 70х60 п.о., 2023

«Quiet evening», 120х150, c.о., 2022

«Torn carpet», 100х120, c.о., 2023

«The train is going», 80х120, c.о., 2022

«Walk», 140х115, c.о., 2023

«Landscape», 110х120, c.о., 2023

«Reindeer» 110х120, c.о., 2021

«A random memory», 80х80, c.о., 2022

«Accidental kiss». 75х80, c.о., 2022

«A new room» 120х160, c.о. 2022

«Memory error», 100х120, c.о., 202


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