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Oksana Stratiychuk & Volodymyr Zlenko


Oksana Stratiychuk (Ukraine) / enamel

Volodymyr Zlenko (Belarus) / painting


"Short Meeting" is the first joint exhibition of Ukrainian graphic artist Oksana Stratiychuk and Belarusian painter Volodymyr Zlenko.

This project came from the light hand of Tatiana Savchenko, the constant hostess of the Triptych Art Gallery, who effortlessly combined the two authors and different arts.

The works of Volodymyr Zlenko and Oksana Stratiychuk are really organically combined. They are related in theme and mood.

Artists, obviously, share a certain worldview, look at the world and art from a characteristic - somewhat romantic - point of view.

And where else to grow and bloom Oksana's enamel plants, if not in the secret gardens and shady parks that Vladimir portrays them?

The exhibition includes works by Oksana Stratiychuk in the technique of hot enamel: some of them were created based on her graphic sheets, and others - directly from used etching boards.

Volodymyr Zlenko's painting is a continuation of the Green Sea project, which the artist has been working on for several years, gradually presenting it in Kyiv.

In the whirlpool of fleeting life, even a brief meeting is a meeting of two worlds and a valuable gift of destiny. And each meeting brings something: experience, knowledge, new experiences and new contexts.

The Triptych Art Gallery combines two different artists with similar worldviews and invites the viewer to feel the resonance between them.

The exhibition will continue 6.03–26.03.2021.

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