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Presentation of the album-catalog of paintings by Oleksandr Sukholit

Friends, July 6, Tuesday, at 17.00–19.00 Triptych Art Gallery

as part of the finishing of the exhibition WORLDS OF SUKHOLIT presents a new album-catalog of Oleksandr Sukholit "Secrets of jubilation of painting" (published by ArtHuss, 2021) in the presence of the artist.

Как через окно или мощный бинокль вижу я это озеро и ночь над ним, и туман, напоминающий нирвану нынешнего века. Все это я вижу в двух-трех мазках мокрых кистей, едва коснувшихся белизны холста…»

“Painting is always more than what we see. Because it begins in the heart of the living human mind. As through a window or powerful binoculars, I see this lake and the night above it, and the fog, reminiscent of the nirvana of this century. I see all this in two or three strokes of wet brushes, barely touching the whiteness of the canvas… »Oleksandr Sukholit


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