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Ships were not here yet...

18.05.2023 – 07.06.2023

Volodymyr Glukhomanyuk

THE EXHIBITION "SHIPS WERE NOT HERE YET... It is a picturesque story about unique ships, vessels, boats that are in the service of human. The exposition includes several picturesque series, canvases of different genres and thematic orientation.

As a child, I devoted all my free time from studying to building models in the ship model

laboratory of the Palace of Pioneers in Kyiv. Yes, the passion for ships and boats has

accompanied me throughout my life. That is why, having an academic art education, as a marine artist, in my work I prefer marine themes, where the basis of the subjects of the paintings are ships and boats. For me, they are living beings, each with its own character. They say that there is a lot of steel and masculine energy in my marine series. Maybe it's true?! Dynamic design, contours of hulls, majestic superstructures of tankers, cruisers, steamships, sailboats, fishing boats - everything has aesthetically finished forms that have always inspired marine artists!

My marine painting is a tribute to sailors, ships, engineers, volunteers, and everyone who served and continues to serve in the navy.

I invite on board!


Series "BIRD BAZAR" part #5, canvas / oil, 30x25 cm, 2021.

"AMRUMBANK lighthouse ship in a floating dock", "EMDEN" series, part #3, canvas/oil, 50x40 cm, 2023.

"Cargo ship EILEEN C in the floating dock" Series "EMDEN" part #2, oil on canvas, 70x40 cm, 2023.

"Freight ships ELISABETH and FINLAND in the port of EPAS Emden" Series "EMDEN", part #1, canvas/oil, 70x40 cm, 2023.

"LIGHTHOUSE HELLEN ON HIDDENSEE", series "LIGHTHOUSES", part #3, canvas/oil, 30x50 cm, 2023.

"COLD FOG. WESTMOL LIGHTHOUSE", "LIGHTHOUSES" series, part #2, canvas/oil, 50x30 cm, 2023.

"LIGHTHOUSE "LES PIERRES NOIRES", series "LIGHTHOUSES", part #1, canvas/oil, 50x30 cm, 2023.

"TANKER "WISCO ADVENTURE", "STEEL GIANTS" series, part #3, canvas/oil, 40x40 cm, 2022.

"SS JOHN OXLEY STEAM SHIP", "MUSEUM SHIPS" series, part #3, canvas/oil, 60x40 cm, 2022.

"MS CAP SAN DIEGO", series "MUSEUM SHIPS" part #2, canvas/oil, 90x40 cm, 2022.

"STAR OF INDIA SAILING BOAT", series "MUSEUM SHIPS" part #1, canvas/oil, 70x40 cm, 2022.

"STEEL GIANTS" series, part #2, canvas/oil, 70x40 cm, 2022.

Series "FISHING BOATS" part #5, canvas/oil, 30x25 cm, 2021.

Series "HMS "ORLANDO", part #2, canvas/oil, 90x70 cm, 2021.

Series "HMS "ORLANDO", part #1, canvas/oil, 70x70 cm, 2021.

«ПАРОПЛАВ «ФОРВАРД», полотно/олія, 30х50см, 2021р.

"WAITING", canvas/oil, 90x40 cm, 2021.

"24/7" series, part #3, canvas/oil, 90x70 cm, 2021.

"24/7" series, part #2, canvas/oil, 70x70 cm, 2021.

"EMERALD", canvas/oil, 50x40 cm, 2021.

"FAST FORMS", canvas/oil, 50x40 cm, 2021.

Series "24/7" part #1, canvas/oil, 60x70 cm, 2021.

"Pier" canvas/oil, 90x60 cm, 2019.

"GULLS" canvas/oil, 70x35 cm, 2021.

"ANDALUSIA" canvas/oil, 60x70 cm, 2021.


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