Born in 1985 in the city of Sambir (Ukraine).

In 2008 he graduated from the National Forestry University of Ukraine in Lviv (specialty - "design").

Member of the National Council of Ukraine since 2012.

Works and lives in Lviv.

Participant of the scholarship program "Gaude Polonia-2016".

Personal exhibitions:

2018 - Soot Project, Triptych ART Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 - Insulin Project, City Museum, Lviv, Ukraine

2017 - "Disappearing Cities", CSM "White World", Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 - "Painting", gallery "Kordegarda", Warsaw, Poland

2016 - "Disappearing Cities", Palace of Arts, Krakow, Poland

2016 - Personal exhibition, Lviv National Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2015 - "Disappearing Cities", DZYGA Art Center, Lviv, Ukraine

2014 - Personal exhibition, Madame Palmgren Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2013 - Project "Equilibrium", gallery "Green Sofa", Lviv, Ukraine

2013 - "Uncertainty of Tomorrow", DZYGA Art Center, Lviv, Ukraine

2012 - "Fruit on Metal", gallery "Green Sofa", Lviv, Ukraine

2010 - "Color signs of pros and cons", gallery "Green sofa", Lviv, Ukraine.

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