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Sukholit Oleksandr

Lives and works in Kyiv

Народився в 1960 році в с. Чорнотичі Чернігівської області, Україна.

In 1979 Transcarpathian Art Institute.

In 1986 Sculpture faculty of the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.


National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv).

Kyiv Museum of Russian Art (Kyiv).

National Museum of Books and Printing (Kyiv).

National Museum of History of Kyiv.

National Museum of Fine Arts (Kharkiv).

National Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts (Khmelnytsky).

Tama Art University Museum (Tokyo, Japan).

Wetting Gallery (Odense, Denmark).

Varaždin City Museum, Slyka Gallery (Croatia).

private meetings of Great Britain, the USA, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Russia, Canada and Ukraine.

We invite you to view the author's works in the COLLECTION gallery

Sukholit Oleksandr is also represented at ARTSY


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