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Tetiana Rusetska

Lives and works in Kyiv

Tetiana Rusetska was born in Ukraine in the city of Dnipro in 1973.

1990 to 1995 she studied at the Vuchetich Art School in Dnipro.

1995 to 2001 – Scenography faculty of the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, studied with a Professor D. Lider.

Member of the National Union of Artists and Designers of Ukraine

Tetiana Rusetska is an artist who works in the genre of mystical ethno-romanticism and Ukrainian pop art, which is how the artist defined her niche of art that is close to her.

Tetiana considers herself a Ukrainian artist not in the formal sense - but in essence,

Her interest lies in the plane of national self-identification. Scenographic experience allows the artist to find visual ways of expression in different techniques, boldly combining elements of photography with painting and graphics.

Exhibition (elect)

2021 - ROSE LINE, personal project, Triptych Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2020-Personal project "The Divine Comedy" on the international online platform for the demonstration, sale and collection of digital art V-Art.

2020-personal project "Divine Comedy" at Berlin Studio in Kiev.

2020-participation in the group project "Immunity-anticipation" at the Korsakov Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art.

2019-participation in the group project "EMOVEO"-Gallery83.

2019-participation in the group project "Intro" at the Korsakov Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art.

2017-personal project "New Icon" in the gallery of contemporary art Voloshyn Gallery.

2014 - personal project "Red is Love" in the gallery "Parsuna".

2015 - personal project "Exit from the black" in the Kiev Museum of Spiritual Treasures of Ukraine.

2014-2015-2016-participation in the international traveling project "True Testimonies". Ukrainian Institute for Contemporary Art Problems together with the USA embassy and the Fulbright Foundation in Ukraine - the project was shown in the USA, Europe and Ukraine.

2013 - participation in the group project "A house in the house" in the Kiev gallery M17.

The works are in private collections in USA, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia.


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