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Vladyslav Riaboshtan

He was born in 1996 in Dnipro, lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine.

In his works, he explores the topics of the industrial and railway landscapes of Ukraine. Since childhood, Vladyslav has been surrounded by factories, railways, unfinished metro stations and more. Even after moving to another city, he wanted to find similar locations in it. One of the latest projects was a large series of Kyiv Metro. It's impossible to visit a workshop in Kyiv and continue the metro series now, as all paintings are left there. The series that he's working on now, is dedicated to the war in Ukraine. These drawings reveal direct evidence of the wartime experience shaping his art practices. These pencil drawings, as seen from the point of view of the machinery used in the skirmishes, show us almost a personal side of the war, just as the soldiers involved see it. Vladyslav also used to carry a pencil and A4 sheets of paper in his backpack at all times, in case he could draw even while in shelter.

M E D I A :

Painting (oil, acrylic paint, enamel etc.), silkscreen, aerosol, mixed media, paper, graphite, photography.

E D U C A T I O N :

2021-2022 – NAFAA, master's degree, monumental painting. 2016-2021 – NAFAA, bachelor's degree, easel and formal painting. 2012-2016 – Dnipro College of Theatre and Arts, young specialist, graphic design.

E X H I B I T I O N S A N D P R O J E C T S :

2022 – personal exhibition «War Views», «Dzyga» gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.

2022 – charity auction «Fight With Art», «Dom Aukcyjny Róża Wroniszewska», Krakow, Poland.

2022 – residence project «Independence day», «Ujazdowski Castle», Warsaw, Poland.

2022 – exhibition «War Views», «Imagine Point» gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2022 – duo exhibition «War Views», «Graz Museum», Graz, Austria.

2022 – collective project «Relocation», «PM» gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.

2022 – collective project «Unbreakable wall», «Art Basel», Basel, Switzerland.

2022 – collective project «Time of the war. Reflections», «Dzyga» gallery, Lviv, Ukraine.

2022 – collective project «Ще не вмерла України», «Rampa» gallery, Usti nad Labem, CR.

2022 – collective project «Institualisation», «Imagine Point» gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine. o 2022 – collective project «Tranzit zone, Exit gate 2022», «Mytets» gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2021 – collective project «Your names, Ukraine», «Korsakiv Museum», Lutsk. Ukraine.

2021 – collective project «GOLDEN HOUR», «Peremoga» halls, Kyiv, Ukraine. o 2021 – collective project «POST-GRADUATION», «White World» gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2020 – residence project «Understood you», «Artsvit» gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine.

2020 – exhibition «Trainspotting», «White World» gallery, Kyiv Ukraine.

2020 – collective project «Observation 2020», «White World» gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2020 – collective project «HABITAT. MANIFESTO 2020», «Lavra» gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2019 – collective project «Dnipro Identity Puzzle», «UK P Museum», Dnipro, Ukraine.

2019 – collective project «Today like that», «KNU» halls, Kyiv, Ukraine.

2015 – exhibition «Germinal», «Dnipro City Museum», Dnipro, Ukraine

A R T W O R K S I N C O L L E C T I O N S :

Ukraine, America, Poland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Canada.


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