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Ed Potapenkov

Born in 1968 (Dnipro, Ukraine)

From 1983 to 1987 he studied at the Dnipropetrovsk art school named after E.V. Vuchetich

(teachers: L. Antonyuk, G. Cherneta) In 1995 he graduated from the Faculty of Painting

National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (easel workshop

painting by Professor V. Shatalin)

Lives and works in Kyiv. From 1993 to 1996, he was a member of the art association "Cold

VEL". Permanent member of the creative group "Squat on Olehivska".

Participates in various joint projects and collaborations. Since 1996, a participant in many group and personal exhibitions both in Ukraine and abroad.

Main exhibitions:

2022 Internationale Kunstausstellung NjrdArt 2020

2021 “ABROAD” Cattle at Olehivska LAVRA Art Gallery

2021 "Caution! Fragile!” Imagine Point

2021 "Visiocracy" Modern Art Research Institute of the NAAU.

2019 Kyiv Art Week Kyiv.

2019 Project “Changing Enlightenments” Karas Gallery, Kyiv.

2018 "Anatomy simulacrum" Modern Art Research Institute of the NAAU.

2018 "Episodes" gallery Karas. Kiev

2018 "In the form of" Gallery Karas. Kiev

2018 "Defragmentation" Kyiv Art Week 2018r. Kyiv.

2017 "Squat at Olegivskiy" Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum

2017 "The Mechanism of Evolutions" Institute of Problems of the Modern Art

2017 Project "Dancing" Gallery "Karas", city. Kyiv.

2017 "Kyiv Art Week" 2017r. Kyiv.

2017 Kyiv landscape »Museum of History of Kyiv, Kyiv.

2017 "Waiting for the light" Gallery "RA", Kyiv

2016 "Ordinary movements" Karas Gallery, Kyiv,

2015 ArtVilnius`15 Contemporary Art Fair “Different Reality”, Vilnius

2015 "Help Ukraine" NSHU. Kyiv.

2015 "Maneuvers" Gallery Karas

2014 "Ordinary People" gallery "8 Bit"


2014 Personal project, gallery 8 Bit

2013 Art Center J. Greter "Direct Project"

2013 ART KYIV Contemporary

2013 ART picnic VDNG, city. Kyiv.

2013 "All-Ukrainian exhibition" Zhivopis-2013 ". TSBH, Kyiv.

2012 Vicinity - 2 Gallery “RA”, city. Kyiv.

2012 Squat at the Olegivsky Center for the Modern M 17 ", Kyiv.

2012 Landscape Inside ARTVILNIUS`12,

2011 Art action "Golden Mountains" Schekavitsya mountain, Kyiv.

2010 Legalization Gallery "RA". m. Kyiv.


Also, Ed Potapenkova is presented on ARTSY



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