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Ipatieva Anna

She was born in Kyiv in 1971.

1982–1989 - studied at RHSS.

1995 - graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (workshop of monumental and temple painting of Academician M. Storozhenko).

1998 - graduated from the academic postgraduate course in the workshop of Storozhenko.

Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Since 1988 he has been participating in art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad.

Since 1994 he has been working as a theater artist, costume designer for more than 50 performances.


2017 - extravaganza-opera-ballet by E. Stankovych "When the fern blooms" (Lviv National Opera) ";

S. Gounod's opera "Faust", Yu. Shevchenko's ballet "For Two Hares" (National Opera of Ukraine, Kyiv).

For the Academic Theater "Kyiv Modern Ballet" Radu Poclitaru:

ballets "Giselle" (2016), "Swan Lake". Modern version ”(2013),“ Gereven ”(2012),“ The Nutcracker ”(2007),“ Carmen TV ”,“ Rain ”,“ Underground ”(2008),“ Chamber №6 ”,“ Bolero ”,“ Shakesperiments ”.

For the National Opera of Ukraine:

operas and ballets "Rigoletto", "Norma", "Carmen",

"Nabucco", "Raymond", "Don Quixote", "Bayaderka", "Romeo and Juliet", "Holy Spring", "Pictures from the exhibition", "The Nutcracker", "Cinderella", "The Little Prince", "Joseph the Beautiful" "," Golden Horde "," Invitation to execution "," Eupraxia ", and many others in theaters of Ukraine and abroad - in Germany, Macedonia, Russia, Latvia, the Czech Republic.

Main exhibitions:

2018 - "Far and Close" (with Anna Lysyk, Triptych ART Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2016 - "Costume on stage and podium" (Institute of Contemporary Art, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2016 - triennial of scenography named after Daniil Lider (Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art (2013, 2010)

2015 - "Theatrical costume at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries"

2011 - "Life as a Miracle" ("Gallery 36", Kyiv, Ukraine)

2003 - "Esse Homo" (Foundation for the Promotion of the Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine

2002 - Orthodox (University Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2001 - Exhibition of theatrical and painting works, costumes and decorations (Lavra Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2000 - A Look at Art Nouveau (Gallery 36), Kyiv, Ukraine

2000 - "From School to the Temple" - an exhibition of students of Mykola Storozhenko's workshop (Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine)

2000 - exhibition in the gallery of the bank "Austria" (Vienna, Austria)

1999 - CSM "SoviArt", Kyiv, Ukraine - TV Center, Magdeburg, Germany

1995 - New Vision (National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine)


We invite you to view the author's works in the COLLECTION gallery



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