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Shkarupa Valerii

We invite you to view the author's works in the gallery's COLLECTION
Born in 1950 in Sumy (Ukraine).

Works in levkas techniques, painting, graphics and ceramics.

Studied at the Moscow Institute of Restoration (VNIIR).

1979–2002 – restoration artist at the Sumy Art Museum.

1989–2000 – head of the ART'S gallery.

Co-author of the idea and curator of international projects "Raku-keramika" (since 1993) and international symposiums Land-Art (1997-2002)

Since 1997 - a member of the All-Ukrainian creative union BZH-art.

Works are stored:

Kyiv Museum of Modern Art

Sumy Art Museum

Kaliningrad Art Gallery

Shevchenko national reserve in Kaniv (Ukraine)

Soviart Center of Contemporary Art

Zaporozhye Art Museum

Chernihiv Museum of Modern Art

Muzeum Fur Gestaltung (Zurich, Switzerland)

Staatliches Muzeum Schloss Burgk (Germany)

Private collections - in Armenia, Italy, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, France, Canada, Egypt, USA.


2021 "Horizon Line", Imagine Point Gallery (Kyiv, Ukraine)

"Beast Gods"

"Shared Space", City by City, Library Art Center (Chernihiv, Ukraine)

2020 "Equinox" Gallery "ABS-art" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

2017 "Fragile". Personal exhibition, Sumy Municipal Gallery (Sumy, Ukraine)

"Mangroves". Personal exhibition, Museum of Ukrainian Painting (Dnipro, Ukraine)

"Far and near". Personal exhibition, CCA "White World" (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Participation in the Second All-Ukrainian Biennale of Abstract Art. Central Bank of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

"White World. Scythia". Plein air, participation in a group exhibition, CCA "White World", Kyiv, Ukraine

2016 All-Ukrainian exhibition "From Trypillia to the present". Central Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 "Selected 2010-2015". Personal exhibition, National Museum "Kyiv Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

"WHITE WORLD-Tovtry". Kamianets-Podilskyi, plein air. Group exhibition, catalog, Kyiv, Ukraine

"Levkas". Group exhibition, "Belous Location" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

"Blue-yellow". Group exhibition, "Workshop" gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

"Communities". Catalog presentation, exhibition, Presidium of the Academy of Arts, Kyiv, Ukraine

Participation in the first All-Ukrainian biennial of abstract art. Central Bank of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


Also, Valerii Shkarupa is presented on ARTSY



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